Become a market leader

JOBPRO gives you the competitive edge you need to compete in your marketplace. Choose us as your staffing partner and enjoy the advantage of these benefits:

  • An action plan built from the ground up
  • A team of smart, energetic staffing professionals
  • Access to ready-to-work associates
  • Proven methods to assure retention, production and quality

Customer Profile

JOBPRO’S staffing team builds your individual Customer Profile by using a step-by-step approach to understand what’s happening now, what you need to accomplish and how we can help you do it.

Sourcing Strategies

Top talent is today’s competitive advantage. Without the right talent, your company may forfeit growth.  JOBPRO’s robust recruitment strategy defines, attracts and develops the right mix of candidates for your talent pipeline.

Selection Process

The foundation of our talent database is JOBPRO’s on-boarding process:

  • Comprehensive skill assessments
  • Resume review, reference verification, background inquiries
  • Review of personal preferences, motivators and employment goals
  • Agreement on a plan moving forward

A Quality Placement or No Placement

We consider a number of factors to create the right match, but we never take our eye off the most important one: making sure that our associate fulfills all the requirements of your job. The result? Higher productivity, less stress and reduced costs.

Assignment Management and Quality Assurance

Rely on JOBPRO to be your committed partner.  Our supportive presence will keep the focus on your goals and initiatives with:

  • Innovative and effective solutions
  • Time and attendance management
  • Immediate response to changing situations
  • Reporting capabilities
  • On-site and on-call coverage