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  • Immigration & Reform Act

Immigration Law is a topic that will be getting lots of attention this year. Should your company be selected for an I-9 audit, the procedures you have in place to collect and retain I-9 information can mean the difference between no fine and a substantial one. The following links connect to great sites offering answers to the most common questions about complying with I-9 requirements:

USCIS “I-9 Central” Home Page

This site is a great starting point for answers to all questions about correct documents, storage,employee rights, penalties and more. There is an Employer Contact number (1-888-464-4218, Option #2) that we tried. There is a very short wait time before being connected to a knowledgeable and helpful customer service rep.

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) Handbook

  • Disaster Planning

Fact Sheet #72: Employment & Wages Under Federal Law During Natural Disasters & Recovery, May 201

Preparedness Planning For Your Business – Emergency preparedness for all occurrences is covered at this FEMA site.

FEMA Smartphone App, July 2012

When You Close for Snow

Workplace Disasters