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JOBPRO has always promoted employee well- being.  Long before PPACA mandated healthcare reform, JOBPRO provided access to important health care coverage.   Read on to learn more about current plans offered, why they’re so important and what makes them so convenient!

FACTS and INFORMATION about the Health Care JOBPRO Provides it’s associates:

You can conveniently assemble your package, selecting different plans to fit the needs of you and your family!  Unlike traditional coverage, you do not need to have a medical plan to accept dental or vision plans.  You pay weekly so coverage is more affordable.  Even though you pay weekly, coverage is for the entire month – true GAP.  If you miss a week because you did not work between assignments or you were laid off between projects, that’s ok!  Mix and match the size of your plans, so no matter your selection, everyone is covered!  For example, you probably don’t need dental or vision coverage for an infant do you?  Maybe your spouse has good medical & dental, but no vision coverage.  You can select the exact coverage plans to make up for those deficiencies, ensuring everyone has coverage.

Who is First Health and what is their role?

First Health is not an insurance company, they do not sell insurance and they do not pay finalized claims.

First Health offers access to provider networks, like the First Health and Cofinity branded networks, plus other products and services that help clients (you – the member/employee) manage benefit plans. Their network offers access to healthcare providers who have agreed to participate in the network, and they in turn offer their services at a discounted rate.


  • Full-coverage health insurance would cost an individual hundreds of dollars every month, just for medical alone.
  • PPACA coverage is no longer mandated, but necessary to receive a beneficial annual tax break.
  • Premium payments are usually expected on a monthly, lump sum basis only and for more coverage than you sometimes actually need.
  • Frist Health, partial (non-traditional) coverage is very affordable and meets PPACA (IRS) standards.
  • Weekly premium payments are easy on the monthly budget
  • Choosing the right plans makes it convenient and more affordable to find care that suits your family’s need instead of forcing you to pay for coverage you don’t.



This partial coverage may not be what you assume when you think “healthcare” but in today’s world, everything has become so expensive; every amount of savings is crucial!  JOBPRO has always tried to ensure you’re receiving important healthcare you might not otherwise obtain.  JOBPRO also contributes directly to your savings after 3months on the job.  The payroll department can tell you more about 20% contributions and answer any other initial questions you may have!

Open Enrollment is right around the corner.  How important is healthcare to you?

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